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  • Crochet Catnap

    We’re all sleeping in this Sunday morning, including Chippy.Chippy's Crochet

    • September 28th, 2014 by Vashti Braha

    The DesigningVashti Blog

    The DesigningVashti Blog

    Free Crochet Tips, DesigningVashti Events, and More

    For crochet enthusiasts at all levels, Vashti maintains three essential crochet blogs:

    bullet  The original DesigningVashti Blog since 2006
    bullet  The Crochet Pattern Companion Blog
    bullet  The ToyDesigningVashti Blog

    Visit Doris Chan’s Everyday Crochet Blog, awarded a Flamie for Best Crochet Blog in 2009 by the Crochet Liberation Front.

    The original DesigningVashti Blog

    The entries in the original DesigningVashti Blog are indexed with topic labels, such as Tunisian Crochet, Conferences, Book Reviews. The list of labels is found in the right hand column and they are clickable. This makes it easy to find all the entries about your favorite topic.

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    The Crochet Pattern Companion Blog

    For free, in-depth crochet project information, the Crochet Pattern Companion Blog is a handy source of pattern support and project tips. The entries in this blog are indexed with clickable topic labels found in the upper right-hand column.

    In the Crochet Pattern Companion Blog, here are links to all posts about:

     The ToyDesigningVashti Blog

    Toy Tester Bob
    The ToyDesigningVashti Blog follows the adventures of Toy Tester Bob and his friends over the years, as they check out all sorts of fun crochet toys and play items for kids.

    • April 29th, 2011 by Vashti Braha

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