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  • Starwirbel Class Resources (Spiraling Star Stitches)

    Clickable resources for my 2016 Starwirbel class (How to Shape Spiraling Star Stitches). Includes patterns for designs shown, and inspiration for new projects and variations. Also articles & books recommended in class. Click an image to enlarge it.

    Note: sorry, this class SOLD OUT in April, but keep checking back at the registration page. Sometimes a space opens up. 

    Crochet Patterns & Crochet Alongs:

    Recommended Issues of Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations Newsletter:

    Starwirbel Class, Blogged:

    Inspiration Boards for this Class

    • June 3rd, 2016 by Vashti Braha

    Shaped Star Stitch Class Swatch

    Happy Memorial Day.

    It’s a short update today. Checkout this pretty photo I took this morning of a brand-new star stitch class swatch. This is what the Starwirbel Cowl stitch pattern looks like when it’s done in flat spiraling rounds. (It still has the scrap yarn marking the spiraling rounds.) I’m testing the shaping information in the Starwirbel Way class handout.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for joining me as I blog the 50 days of preparation for the crochet conference this summer! It’s Day 11 which means I’ve blogged one-fifth of the 50 days.

    Have I completed one-fifth of my tasks? Frankly, I don’t know. There are so many little things to do that they’re hard to count accurately. If my gut says I’m moving through things at a good pace, I’ve learned I can trust that and enjoy the constant river of details that get done as they flow through me. I’m halfway through my list of things to do for the Starwirbel star stitch class.

    It was my gut that said, “For the 2016 conference you’ll have from half to two-thirds of 2015’s river of show booth details to manage. After several years of teaching you’ll have slightly less than half of a river of teaching details, so GO FOR IT! DO BOTH!”

    Here’s a different view of the swatch:

    Star Stitch Class Swatch: Shaping a Spiral

    Would you believe the yarn I used is white?

    • May 30th, 2016 by Vashti Braha

    Fascinating Crochet Texture: Chainmaille Cowl

    Extra Images for Chainmaille CAL (Crochet Along) Participants

    Chainmaille is a downloadable DesigningVashti crochet pattern that was recently the focus of a CAL (Crochet Along) in northern Illinois. Below are four images of variations I swatched of this fascinating crochet texture.

    Click on an image to see more information.

    The Structure of a Fascinating Crochet Fabric

    Long chains cross over a lace surface in a herringbone-like pattern. It helps me to think of it as two layers of lace: each gives the other added dimension and visual depth. This makes it lighter to wear. It also drapes better than the solid layered and aran-style crochet fabrics.

    How did this stitch pattern come about? I first saw a confusing photo of it in a book. I couldn’t make out how it was crocheted, and the book offered no stitch diagram for it. I now understand why the photo confused me: a layered crochet texture is hard to capture in a two-dimensional image. Light showing through the layers also complicates a photo. A stitch diagram would have also looked confusing. I just had to swatch it to know it.

    The Chainmaille design is all about immersing oneself in a fascinating crochet fabric. There is no shaping, fancy yarn or color changes, nor complicated assembly. Turning it into a cowl is simple enough: you just seam it into a tube. Leave it unseamed for a neckwarmer or make it longer to wear as a scarf.

    A Chainmaille Crochet Along took place last month (July 2015) at Mosaic Yarn Studio in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Have a look at this wrap-sized Chainmaille on display in the shop!

    I met with a CAL participant, Susan Kenyon, at the Chain Link crochet conference in San Diego a few weeks ago. Susan and I seem to share the same kind of enjoyment of this fascinating crochet stitch pattern. It sounds like the CAL was fun.

    • August 13th, 2015 by Vashti Braha

    I Wore Starwirbel as a Ponytail Lace Veil

    I’ve been waiting for photos to surface from this summer’s CGOA’s Chain Link crochet conference (end of July in Manchester NH). Here’s the only one I have from the night I wore a crochet lace funnel cowl as a short veil covering my ponytail! You can barely see it in the first photo. In the second photo is Starwirbel – the flaring star stitch spiral of fine sequined mohair and silk.

    It was fun and judging from the comments I received, it worked! I wouldn’t have thought of pinning a lace capelet as a veil-like hairpiece, but I was dressed in mostly black with some paisley and a sparkly silver belt. I wanted to include Starwirbel, but not as a cowl…and…voilà: un voile!

    • September 19th, 2014 by Vashti Braha

    Newest Crochet Design: Undaria Flutter Scarf

    This is the first blog post using a new feature here at my DesigningVashti website headquarters: I can blog right here at my own website.

    I have some design news. The downloadable crochet pattern for Undaria is being tech-edited now. This means it will be available just after Thanksgiving, most likely this Monday, Nov. 28. You can see several wearing styles in the meantime, all possible with the same pattern:

    I really enjoyed designing and crocheting this exciting shape.

    The next pattern after Undaria will be the Thaxton Hooded Cowl. Both of these designs are cozy new ways to use crochet slip stitches. The short rows keep them interesting.
    …and now to see how this new kind of blog post looks!

    • November 23rd, 2011 by Vashti Braha

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