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The Designing Vashti Difference

About Vashti's Crochet Patterns

Unlike many published crochet and knit patterns (especially free patterns) the purpose of DesigningVashti patterns is NOT to sell a particular yarn. Instead, my sole purpose is to further the enjoyment, art, and skill of crochet among the greatest number of people worldwide.

My goal is for DesigningVashti crochet patterns to be a revolutionary way to learn new crochet skills the fun way.

I know that finding free crochet patterns on the internet is fun! As a crocheter I enjoy them myself when they are well written. However, as a designer I know that designers have a wealth of information about each crochet pattern that could greatly help more crocheters and make a pattern more fun to use for everyone.
As a crochet teacher and former national guild director, I know that reading a crochet pattern (and enjoying it) is a special skill for truly millions of crocheters in the USA alone. We all have different learning styles. I write each pattern with multiple skill levels and learning styles in mind.

I have been professionally writing and editing crochet patterns for magazines and books since 2004. For a list of publications in which my crochet patterns have appeared, please see my Media page.

When you purchase a DesigningVashti crochet pattern, I want to build in as much value for the dollar that I can. I strive to remove as close to 100% of any obstacles to enjoying and completing a crochet pattern as possible. Most patterns are actually min-sets of design variations and other options for the price of a single pattern. Intermediate and advanced pattern users will enjoy the refinement options, suggested variations, and the occasional "no-pattern" version of the pattern.

Specific features of DesigningVashtipatterns include:*

* specific features vary for each pattern, depending upon the particular project type or technique used.

Also exclusive to pattern purchasers are more than enough photos from different angles, with extreme close ups and stitch step-by-steps. Special features are being refined and added with each new DesigningVashti pattern:

I am always looking for ways to improve crochet pattern publishing by making use of the newest technologies. If you have feedback, or suggestions for further innovations I can make, I would love to hear from you. Click here to contact me directly.


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