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What Is That Stitch?

19th Century Irish Crochet Lace
Remarkable 19th century Irish crochet
stitches & techniques.

Fancy Crochet Stitches Explained

If you've ever wondered....

... You’ve come to the right place!

With the help of mini-videos, photo tutorials, online classes, and crochet-alongs, my goal is to make it seem like a crochet teacher is sitting right next to you -- or at least like you can call over to her in the next room for help, like most crocheters used to be able to do with family members.

designingvashti crochet Vintage Irish Clones Knot Necklace Clasp Thirsty Ttwists Bathmat
At left, close up of threadwork on a Vintage Irish Clones Knot as a necklace clasp; and at right, simple
stitches combined for heightened texture on my Thirsty Twists Bathmat.

In the past, some stitches might have been published less often because of the extra print space they required. Crocheters have struggled to learn certain stitches and techniques from crochet instruction books, such as reverse single crochet, love knots, clones knots, and bullions.

Stitches, stitches and more stitches . . .

Tunisian wicker stitch
Tunisian wicker stitch
lovepod boa
Lovepod boa

Here is what crocheters are saying about my Tunisian “Wicker Stitch”, pictured above on the Lovepod Boa:

“Really beautiful, love the diagonal mesh quality of the stitch pattern.” ~ Kay

“Very elegant!!! I like the stitch pattern. Perfect for that ‘little black dress’!” ~ Karen

“Love the piece and would love to learn the stitch.” ~Victoria

half-double crochet stitches
Half-double crochet stitch.

Other stitches are very common and yet some people haven't learned to do them the right way, like half-double crochet, shown at the left.

It's time for all crochet stitches, from common to rare to newly invented, to be easily enjoyed by every crocheter.

I’m a “stitch-driven” designer, meaning that an interesting stitch or stitch combination is enough to fuel my imagination. Some designers may be driven more by color, yarn, or concept.

I’ve been crocheting for decades now, so I often design with lesser known stitches and techniques. I’ve even developed stitches and combos that I’ve seen nowhere else.

Great features coming soon

For much more about Tunisian crochet patterns and stitches, my new Tunisian Crochet section will be posted soon on this web site. If you thought you knew what the humble slip stitch could do, my special Slip Stitch Designs and free articles will also be posted in the near future. Check back soon. To learn how to crochet, make easy crochet flowers, how to double crochet and other beginner crochet, my free Beginning Crochet Club is being planned and will launch soon just for you.

I'm proud to be able to make plenty of space available for special kinds of crochet so that more crocheters can enjoy them. We have new online opportunities for understanding exactly how to work unfamiliar crochet stitches. Antique stitches won't be neglected and the fanciest stitches won't be confusing.

More stitchy comments from crocheters

“Fantastic pattern! Really genius how you joined the sleeves - avoiding the typical seaming, which I detest. Can’t wait to try more of your designs!” ~ Lynette

“Way to go…A beautiful blend of stitches & fiber!” ~ Karen

“One of the ladies at my chat n’ chain basically threatened to hold my coffee hostage until I showed them the dhh stitch LOL” ~ Josh

“It’s very pretty! The stitches you used really show off the yarn, and I love your use of the long stitches for the edging.” ~ Kay

“Another great design Vashti! The border is stunning against the Tunisian. Love!!!!!!!!” ~ Danielle


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