About Vashti Braha

Vashti Braha models Doris Chan’s crochet designs in Lotus yarn.
Vashti Braha models Doris Chan’s crochet designs in Lotus yarn. Photo © Alex Iannelli

As of 2004, I’m a full-time professional crochet thinker and tinkerer. I love to promote crochet as many things: an art, hobby, learning tool, and practical medium. I do this with designs and classes. For my newsletter I try to write about what I don’t see others writing about crochet.

Magazine editors have described my design style as “breezy”. Maybe that comes from living and working in a subtropical paradise. Peacocks roam freely in our neighborhood. I grew up in Wisconsin, so the natural world I encounter here in Florida is always new and fascinating.

CGOA Directors (2009) R to L: Penny Sitler (Exec. Dir.), Amy Shelton, Marty Miller, Vashti Braha, Carol Alexander, Rita Weiss, Drew Emborsky.

My crochet designs have been published in magazines and books since 2004, including Interweave Crochet, Crochet!, Crochet TodayKnit.1…. and have been seen in other publications and websites. Online, I’ve maintained this DesigningVashti.com website since 2010. I started my first crochet blog in 2006.

Peacock family in my driveway.

I love to meet crocheters at national events, at local yarn shops, and online. Perhaps we met at a Chain Link crochet conference of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) as far back as 2002. I also attend other national industry events such as Stitches, TNNA (The National Needlearts Association) and CHA (Craft and Hobby Association).

Do you like to crochet things to sell? I feel honored that my designs inspire you to make and sell the finished items. I’m adding this statement to each new self-published patterns but it applies to all of them even if you don’t see it stated in an older pattern.

“How Did You Get Your Name?”

I know I have an unusual name, and my husband is partly responsible for that (smile). I’m often asked what my background is, and if “Vashti” is a Russian or Indian name.

My parents are both from southern Ohio. My father’s background is Irish and my mother’s is English, French, and German. “Vashti” is actually an old name from the Bible (it occurs briefly in the Book of Esther). Now you know!

Early Crochet Start

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was nine. This was in the 1970’s in rural Wisconsin. The nature crafts show called “Hodgepodge Lodge” was my favorite TV show, and our favorite store was LeeWards Creative Crafts. My mother, sister, and I learned most of the fiber-related crafts like spinning, knitting, weaving, tatting, crewel, needlepoint, cross stitch, and beading. I dyed my own handspun wool with marigolds from my flower garden. At the age of 12 I created my first business of custom-made macramé necklaces with fine linen cord.

Contact Vashti

To contact me about your crochet questions and concerns, or for shopping issues (purchasing, downloading, etc.) please email me or visit the Contact Us page; for other kinds of information and ways to connect, be sure to see our News page.



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