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Creative Planned Pooling: Class Resources

Creative Planned Color Pooling Crochet Class 2018 Vashti Braha
Updated on 4/16/18. View the above image full size. This is a conveniently clickable group of things I mention and display in Creative Planned Color Pooling classes. I teach the next one on July 28, 2018 in Portland ORThis page will likely be updated again before class time and possibly after.     — Vashti Braha


? Thinking of signing up for this class? My Color Pooling Developments blog post was written with you in mind.

Crochet Patterns & Crochet Alongs

  • Jempool pattern. It’s the blue scarf on the left in the above photo.
  • Crochet AlongThe Jempool CAL (a source of some great info!)
  • See all of Vashti’s color pooling projects and swatches at this self-updating Ravelry link (log in to Ravelry first to see all of them).
  • Crochet to the Color Playbook pattern set. (This is a freeform “stitch pooling” way to modify accidental pooling, rather than doing planned pooling.)

Recommended Issues of Vashti’s Crochet Inspirations Newsletter

Pooling Classes, Blogged

Photo Albums & Inspiration Boards

Any Books on Planned Pooling with Crochet?

  • Found one! Yarn Pooling Made Easy by Marly Bird. Published by Leisure Arts, 2017.

Color Pooling Crocheters and Knitters

  • Pooled Knits Ravelry group
  • Planned pooling crochet patterns: Ravelry doesn’t seem to have a category for this technique yet, so I used the keyword “pooling”. Of 23 search results it looks like 20 are true planned pooling. Of these, 17 are argyles, and most appear to be seed stitch (as of 4/16/18). This is a self-updating link.
  • Planned pooling knitting patterns: as with the crochet search link above, I used a keyword search and the link is self updating. Of the 91 results (as of 4/16/18), about 80 are true planned pooling designs.
  • Karla Stuebing’s 2013 article, “Art and Science of Planned Pooling.” It’s about knitting but very inspiring for crochet.
  • I expect to add more articles and blog posts written by others as I finish updating the July 2018 class handout. Between 2016 and now, planned pooling has become a popular technique!