Beyond Basic Crochet

I have a lot of pages to add to this Beyond Basics section based the newsletter topics, tutorials, and classes I’ve worked on over the years. Please check back or subscribe to find out when I add more.

This section is for crocheters who are comfortable with the basics. (How do you know if you’re ready? Have a look at Crochet Basics in Depth.)

I wrote the tutorials, tips, and tweaks for this section with an eye toward connecting them to specific basic principles, rather than to a standard skill levelWe’re all crochet specialists and beginners simultaneously, in different ways.

It feels so natural to progress along a flow of crochet experiences that it’s easy to forget how unique our own crochet skill sets become. When we attend crochet conferences, I see us as walking worlds of art: building one-of-a-kind inner “crazy quilts” of crochet experience, and following our own individualized learning plans!