Crochet Basics, In Depth

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Beginning Crochet is a Portal

Crochet is a remarkable thing to learn about. It is too vast and versatile for anyone to master all of it.

At the same time, the basics are so simple that a beginner of almost any age can easily complete a lovely and/or practical item with rudimentary materials and a superficial amount of information. In fact, sometimes outsiders perceive crochet as only this.

When most of us learn how to crochet, we’re actually launched on a journey of crochet skill building. The path is unique to each of us because it unfolds in response to what we’re inspired to crochet next.

Crocheters Build Skills in Layers

Our unique crochet skill path also naturally spirals. I’ve noticed that crocheters tend to enjoy revisiting basic skills while acquiring new ones.

I hope you find something new or inspiring here whether you’re a new crocheter or circling back to the basics to go deeper. I’d love to hear from you about it.