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Introducing: Vashti’s How to Crochet Book!

I invite you to join me as I write an in-depth crochet book right here on this blog.

I’m excited to show you what I’ve come up with! The working title is Vashti’s How to Crochet Book.

Chain Stitch Cable Braid
All you need to know is the chain stitch.

I’m blogging at least one new page of the book for each Wednesday morning (eastern time).

It’s not your typical how to crochet guide. It goes step by step, deeply. It’s for beginning crocheters and the rest of us. It could even be for aliens: sometimes I write for the extraterrestrial who’s learning how to crochet basics as an absolute beginner.

I discover important things about crochet when I ask why and what if and take nothing for granted.

For this book I hold nothing back. I’ve been crocheting for a very long time. I’ve taken several in-depth crochet classes, and have in turn taught them. This how to crochet book goes more deeply and thoroughly into each step of crocheting than any other I know of. (I’ve read a hundred or so.)

Sometimes I’ve felt like I’m being rushed along when I’ve read about how to crochet basic crochet stitches. I’m not even a beginning crocheter! I wonder now, rushed toward what? Taller stitches? Finished projects?

If you’re new to crocheting: This is the place to get the most solid understanding possible of how to crochet. I’ve tried to take into account many kinds of learners. If you’ve been stuck at the beginner level, I’m sure to explain things in a way that finally clears up confusion. For example, crocheters use seemingly simple terms like “loop” or “chain” with multiple insider meanings, which can actually confuse some folks. Please let me know in the comments how I can do even better.

If you already own a crochet how-to book, great! Some of them are designed to be sweet portable project companions. Come back here to fill in the gaps, to answer your why questions, or to see an alternate way of explaining the same thing.

If you already know how to crochet, this book is for us too. What can be said about the most basic elements of crochet that’s worth saying AND hasn’t already been said? As it turns out, a lot! What I’ve discovered about just the chain stitch could fill a small book. (As you probably know, crochet books typically devote about a page to it.) If you know of a useful site I should link to in these posts, please let me know. All comments are welcome.

Check back here every Wednesday morning. Better yet, subscribe to blog updates to get an email reminder every time I blog the book.

Why I’m So Sure About Blogging This (because I’ve been asked!)

  • A blog allows me all the room I need to write a complete deluxe crochet book. I can include all the photos, diagrams, videos, and patterns to do the job right. It’s ambitious. To avoid getting overwhelmed, I’m blogging a section at a time. This first section is all about initial fundamentals and the chain stitch, which are often taken for granted the most.
  • I want to write crochet books and not disappear from my online crochet communities while I do so. This way the book gets written publicly. I also want it to be interactive. Please leave comments!
  • A how to crochet book has not yet been blogged, and I can’t resist a good experiment.


Other Book Titles I’ve Considered

Secret Lives of the Great Crochet Stitches (because when I gave the Chain Stitch room to speak, it did…)

How to Crochet Like a Geek (because geeks love to get granular instead of skipping the juicy stuff. I found kindred crochet spirits in CGOA’s crochet geek seminar last year.)

How to Crochet: Vashti’s Missing Manual (So much is missing in the official crochet how-to books.)

Vashti’s Deluxe How to Crochet Guide (This is my ultimate way to celebrate my beloved art and hobby.)

6 thoughts on “Introducing: Vashti’s How to Crochet Book!

  1. I like the Missing-Manual title best, followed by Secret Lives. I want the title to stand out as something very different from the usual how-to-crochet.

    1. Hi Gundega, thank you!

  2. Sounds very interesting! I love your in-depth approach to explaining crochet and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. Thanks so much!

    1. Great, Marie!

  3. How about Tunisan or not Tu-nician? Whatever the title I look forward to book.

    1. That’s a question I often ask 🙂

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