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Love Knot Crochet Class Resources

Updated on 5/31/16. This is a clickable list of love knot crochet resources that I mention in the 21st Century Love Knot Adventures class.  Enjoy the links below whether you’ve taken the classes or not.

Included is a list of my downloadable love knot crochet patterns. I show a huge amount of published and unpublished crochet designs in this class to illustrate the stitches we learn in class.

— Vashti Braha

21st Century Love Knot Crochet Class Resources

The Love Knot crochet stitch is also commonly known as Lover’s Knots and Solomon’s Knots; before 1950 it was most commonly known as “Knot Stitch” and occasionally “Hail Stone Stitch.”

My downloadable Love Knot Crochet Patterns:

Recommended Crochet Inspirations Newsletter issues:

Love Knot Collections I’ve compiled from around the internet 


Non-English Languages (notes):

Beaded Love Knots:

Online Love Knot crochet patterns compiled in 2012 

All links work as of 5/31/16

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