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Love Knot Crochet Class Resources

Official 2018 image for the 21st Century Love Knot Adventures class.
Updated on 4/05/18. View the above image full sizeThis is a conveniently clickable group of things I mention in 21st Century Love Knot Adventures classes. I teach the next one on July 25, 2018 in Portland OR. See student feedbackI show a huge amount of published and unpublished crochet designs in this class! Each illustrates the stitches and techniques learned. Included is a list of my downloadable love knot crochet patterns.  — Vashti Braha

21st Century Love Knot Adventures

In crochet, the Love Knot is also known as Lover’s Knots and Solomon’s Knots. Before 1950 it was most commonly known as “Knot Stitch” and occasionally “Hail Stone Stitch.”

Downloadable Love Knot Crochet Patterns

Crochet Inspirations Newsletter Archive

Online Love Knot Collections


Non-English Terms (notes)

?Beaded Love Knots

Ravelry gallery of my 17 beaded love knot projects
Vashti’s beaded Love Knot projects in Ravelry as of 4/05/18. View full size.

Online Love Knot Crochet Patterns

First compiled for 2012 class; all links work as of 4/05/18

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  3. […] been on my mind to incorporate love knots into Tunisian crochet since teaching the first Love Knots Adventures class in 2012. I don’t mean a few rows of love knot mesh alternated with a few rows of […]

  4. […] photo above) for CGOA classes I would be teaching: A Star Stitch for Every Purpose (3 hours) and 21st Century Love Knot Adventures (3 hours). Back then I had to set it aside due to stitch compatibility problems. You might be able […]

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