Candied Color Charms: Beaded Lotus Chips

A downloadable booster pack of bead crochet jewelry patterns. Includes three ways to crochet with beads and five new “color chip” shapes.

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 If you have a non-US address email me to order yarns, yarn samples, and the Lotus kits mentioned below.

This is a “booster pack” of patterns that includes three ways to crochet with beads and five new “color chip” shapes. I designed them to be a wearable, visual catalog of how beads from my bead stash combine with my Lotus yarn colors. Although I had Lotus yarn samples in mind, many other yarns and color combinations can be used.

The original set of four shapes and two mounts is called Lotus Chips; order a starter kit of the original set plus 19 Lotus yarn color samples at a low kit price and free shipping. Those shapes were all designed without beads. They can be used like “paint chips” for inspiration and planning new crochet projects. It’s a reference set of all color samples of the new Lotus yarn (and any other yarns in your stash). The yarn samples that correspond to this booster pack and the original Lotus Chips pattern set are long enough to yield one set of nineteen chips (one shape of every color).

Skill Level

Projects Range from Easy to Advanced Intermediate. This pattern set uses few abbreviations. UK and Australian equivalents for American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are in brackets.

After using this pattern, you will know (if you didn’t already): 

  • How to use a crochet hook to add beads to stitches while crocheting, even though you didn’t string them onto the yarn first.
  • How to add pre-strung beads to crochet stitches two different ways, including “super-hoisting” (my term).
  • How to crochet a jewelry cord variation of a love knot.
  • How to add beads two different ways in one love knot stitch.
  • How the color of a bead can change the look of a yarn color, and vice versa.
  • How to “slip” a loop for a smooth join that uses less yarn than a slip stitch does.
  • How to identify the “bump” strand of each chain stitch.
  • How to crochet a lean picot that uses very little yarn to add definition to corners. See issue #56 of Crochet Inspirations Newsletter for more.

Finished Dimensions

Wreathlets: ¾” {1.9 cm} wide; 1¼” {3.17 cm} from hanging loop. The fancy stitch texture of this shape creates a decorative front. It’s a good example of a reason to use a perpendicular hanging loop, so that the charm is strung from side to side onto its mounting cord and always faces the front.

Tricorns: ⅞” {2.2 cm} wide. This simple three-cornered round can be quickly beaded if the bead holes are large enough. The beads accent each corner equally when viewed from every angle, because no stitch loops cover them. String Tricorns onto a mounting cord via its center hole, or one of its open corner spaces.

Candied Pony Beads: ¾” {1.9 cm} diameter and ⅜” {0.9 cm} thick. These beaded crochet beads are pure slip stitch crochet. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a great way to get hooked on crocheting classic beaded tube jewelry. The weight of this beaded bead feels luxurious. The way the colors interact with each new yarn and bead combination is fascinating. There’s no need to count stitches or join rounds after the 8 foundation chains: when you’ve used all 24 beads, you’re done.

Flounces, unbeaded: 1¼” {3.17 cm} at widest edge; 1⅛” {2.85 cm} from hanging loop.

Flounces, beaded: 1¾” {4.45 cm} at widest edge; 1¼” {3.17 cm} from hanging loop. Like the Color Poptabs in the original Lotus Chips kit, Flounces feature a “fat-free picot” for a nice corner edge. See Special Stitches on page 3 if you’re not sure what the bump of a chain stitch is. If you plan to add beads to your Flounces, have eight beads and a fine steel crochet hook nearby. Instead of stringing them, they will be “hoisted on” in Row 2.

Lovebud Vines: ⅝” {1.6 cm} wide; 4⅛” {10.47 cm} from hanging loop. My goal when creating this design was to catalog how the different bead colors in my stash look with the same yarn color. Lovebud Vines combine two beading methods: pre-strung beads are added to a stitch that is a variation of a love knot, and additional beads are hoisted onto the same stitches to create the Lovebuds.

ChipDrop: approx. 3″ {7.6 cm} long. Use this with any chain, such as the Necklace or Bracelet Chipchain from the original set. Requires less than 1 yd {91.44 cm} of black yarn.

Materials Lotus yarn is featured in all images and is listed below. I’ve also included information for substituting yarns. Click here if you’d like to order the original “Lotus Chips” pattern set with all 19 color samples of Lotus (free shipping within the US; email me to order yarns, yarn samples, and Lotus kits if you have a non-US address.)

Crochet Hook: For most of the candied chips in this booster pack, size US C/2 {2.75 mm} was used. Size US D/3 {3.25 mm} was used for the Flounces and the ChipDrop. Gauge is not important for this project, so choose a hook size that is comfortable for you. Tighter stitches are generally better than loose stitches for these projects. For steel crochet hook sizes needed, see Beads below.

Yarn Shown: Lotus (52% Cotton, 48% Rayon; 256 yds {235 m} per 3.5 oz {100 g} ball), approx. 36” {91.44 cm} per color chip, plus approx. 3 yd. {2.74 m} of Black Gleam for mounting. A complete set of chips is 19 colors (or 18 chips strung onto a 19th color, black).

Substituting a yarn: To achieve the same finished dimensions stated above, choose a #2 Fine Weight yarn with a recommended crochet hook size range of US E/4 {3.5 mm} to US G/6 {4.0 mm}. These yarns may also be referred to as Sport or Heavy Sock {Light DK, 5-Ply}. If you substitute a thinner or a thicker yarn, use crochet hook sizes in ranges appropriate for crocheting tightly with these yarns.

Small spray bottle filled with water for light blocking.

Beads: All of the beads shown except those in the Tricorns are size 6/0 seed beads, a.k.a. size 6º, E-beads, and large seed beads. The holes are large enough to be strung onto the yarn with a beading needle, or with a steel crochet hook for the “hoisting” method. The beads in the Tricorns are even larger seed beads, called size 1/0, 1º, or pebble beads. The holes are larger to accommodate three strands of yarn and a steel crochet hook (for “super-hoisting”). Choose a steel crochet hook size that is small enough to fit in the bead holes, but large enough that it doesn’t fray the yarn as you pull it through a bead. See “Special Stitches” below for more on these beading methods. If you lack a beading needle or a small enough steel hook, you can make your own with fine wire; I blogged about this.

Beading supplies needed for each project:
Tricorns, if beaded: Bead stringing needle; a small enough steel crochet hook to fit through the bead holes and pull a strand of chain stitches through them; 3 large-holed beads (see Beads above).
Flounces, if beaded: Small enough steel crochet hook to fit through the bead holes and pull a loop of yarn through them; 8 beads.
Candied Pony Beads: Bead stringing needle and 24 beads.
Lovebud Vines: Bead stringing needle; a small enough steel crochet hook to fit through the bead holes and pull a loop of yarn through them; 32 beads, 8 each of four colors.


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