Our Lotus Yarn: ‘Snack’ size (85 yds/33g)

Lotus Snacks come in twenty colors and have 85 yds in a 1.16 oz ball (77.7 m per 33 g). Three Snack balls equal one large 100 g. Lotus ball.

Buy six Snacks at a discount (great gift item).

They’re cute li’l Hook Ready™ cupcakes—they’re wound in a center-pull shape that sits flat next to you as you crochet. The starting yarn end is found for you already.

Scroll down for patterns and project ideas.


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This is the same versatile DesigningVashti Lotus yarn in a mini ball. It’s one-third the size of a full ball. Watch Ellen Gormley crochet with Lotus in her yarn unboxing video!

Designers Doris Chan and Vashti Braha carefully chose the Z-twisted plying and fiber blending of Lotus to optimize the crochet experience. It interacts beautifully with crochet stitches. Of course you will love knitting and weaving with it too.

Patterns & Project Ideas

For a few thousand more pattern choices (!), browse these self-updating search results in Ravelry for:

  1. Crochet only or knit only patterns that need no more than one Snack ball (85 yards of a sport weight yarn).
  2. Crochet only or knit only patterns that need no more than two Snack balls (86–170 yds of a sport weight yarn).
  3. A gallery of Lotus yarn patterns by all designers.

To find out when we add new patterns for Lotus, subscribe to the free Crochet Inspirations newsletter. Need advice about substituting Lotus for a specific crochet pattern? Visit our helpful forums in Ravelry: Doris Chan CrochetVashti’s Crochet Lounge.

How to Substitute Lotus Yarn with Your Favorite Patterns: If the crochet hook called for in the pattern is an F-5 (3.75 mm), G-6 (4.00 mm), or G-7 (4.50 mm), then look next at the type of yarn listed. If it’s primarily cotton or rayon (a.k.a. viscose, bamboo, tencel) and looks smooth, chances are great that Lotus will give you the results you’re looking for. (As for any pattern, swatch and damp block it. You’ll see its lovely drape too!)

Especially with lacy projects, Lotus may also work great with a pattern calling for an H-8 (5.00 mm) crochet hook. Doris Chan crocheted a lovely Jolimar Skirt with Lotus and an H-8 hook. (It was originally designed with the discontinued Naturallycaron Spa and an I-9/6mm hook.)

Especially with jewelry, bags, belts, and kitchen projects, Lotus Yarn works great in a tighter gauge, such as an E-4 (3.50 mm) crochet hook.

Machine wash and dry Lotus gently with like colors, although as with most fashion fabrics, hand washing and air drying will extend its life.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 3.5 x 2.5 in

emerald-deep, bamboo-green, teal-glimmer, crystal-blue, sapphire, lavender-ice, plum-glow, grenadine, rose-red, pink-sugar, peachy-sheen, orange-luxe, lala-yellow, white-blaze, pearly-pearl-cream, lustrous-tan, dark-roast, satin-grey-lt-gray, carbonite-med-gray, black-gleam


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